Leadership is like a story...

Leadership does not have to be complex. Instead you can think of leadership like a story where you are the main character.

Well-written main characters have a dream or goal.

In all reality, you are the main character in the most important story currently being written. As you work toward a dream or goal, you will encounter obstacles. If you were a character, in a well constructed picture book, you'd probably encounter three obstacles. Then you'd come to a turning point and reach a satisfying ending. Since you are a human, not a character, the satisfying ending will last for a blink of an eye. You can't help yourself, you will seek new goals and have new unexpected obstacles. 

Why do I promote picture books and other well crafted writing?

Well written picture books are based on universal themes from childhood. We never fully out grow the themes such as adjusting to a new person or a new situation, aspiring to be more, overcoming embarrassment, applying a new skill, or being told to do something that seems boring or difficult. When I work with leaders who desire to understand their purpose, I point them back to themes from childhood. Together we explore which themes resonate and what dreams are still left to be pursued? 

Why Cup Of Leadership?

If you like coffee or tea, you can use that pleasure as a ritual or practice of leadership I call Sip, Imagine, and Act  

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