52 Books - Book 3

Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition

by David Newman

Why this book?

You came here to learn about leadership and the leadership process.  So why-o-why do I present you with a book on marketing?  Here's my take:

Leadership = Marketing.  Followers = Prospects.

Eventually leading requires the efforts of others. Have you noticed that there are times that the people you are attempting to lead just aren't buying what you are selling?

That's right even if you have positional authority, even if you sign the check or complete their performance review, you will bang your head against a few walls until you learn to speak in way that they can hear.  Author, David Newman calls this: "speaking prospect."

Looking at leadership from the perspective of a business marketing its products is helpful because a successful business will never give up on what it demands to stay in business: earn a profit.  A successful business will refine, repackage, or find a new target market if they are not making progress.  So never give up on what you ultimately hope to achieve.  However, to be successful you will no doubt have to refine, repackage or in certain cases go find new followers. 

Margo's Story

Here is a story from my experience as a leadership coach to illustrate the point.  Margo* was a very frustrated rising star at her company. She felt she was doing everything right. Her team had achieved solid business results and yet she was getting passed over for promotions to the top positions. When we would meet to discuss her progress she would plead,  "What am I doing wrong?"  I asked her to describe what inspired her potential followers. She was shocked to think about her employees in this way.  We actually laughed about the break-through she had when she realized that while they worked for her they didn't have to follow her. This story has a good ending because she did the work to stretch her skills and approach so she could discover what inspired each person. Then Margo worked to align her vision of the team to what they were each excited about. Yes, she did get promoted and eventually went on to lead another company.  (*In my stories I change the names and  few details to protect client confidentiality)


I recommend Do It! Marketing for all leaders. However, if you are choosing to lead by starting or running a business, the book is a must for clarifying and creating a marketing plan in 21 days. The book is overflowing with insight and worth every penny you spend to keep it handy.  It is not a book to check out of the library, it is one to refer to over and over.

Author, David Newman provides a preview of the book and lots of other free information on his website.  He practices what he teaches so his marketing materials provide a good model of how he has applied the content presented in his book.

Every week during 2014 I look forward to sharing books that I am reading.The lens of the leadership process will be the filter for which to discuss books.