From "Me" to "We"

Instead of telling young women to get a mentor and excel, we need to tell them to excel and they will get a mentor.

-Sheryl Sandberg, COO Facebook

I am excited to share this video of Cassidy Williams, a college senior, who tells her story of leading her career. It begins with being a young girl who wanted to build with Legos. Then she discovered that she could build websites. She studied at Iowa State, learned more and connected with others through internships. Last summer she and other women participated in a hackathon and built AdvisHer. It is a platform that supports women who are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) related jobs.

When I met Cassidy at Tedx Des Moines Women in December, I was inspired by her energy. We had a moment to talk as we were walking the skywalk to visit Dress for Success Des Moines. Her story is an excellent example of the transformational aspect of the leadership process. The process begins with an individual decision. She could have sat around and waited for someone to mentor her. Instead she focused on her passion of figuring things out. Through concentrated effort and learning, others were attracted to her work and larger and grander results emerge. She excelled because she dared to take the first step of “playing with the boys” and she kept going because she was following her heart. Not only did she find mentors, she created a tool to connect women to mentor and support each other.

Enjoy Cassidy’s story and share it with a young girl you know and encourage them to get to know what they care about.  Support them to find their “me” so they can excel.