52 Books - Book 4

Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, by Richard Rohr

Last week I read a marketing book and applied it to lens of the leadership process.  The book I share with you this week is a spiritual book.  Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life, by Richard Rohr came about as one of books I am reading as part of a book study group for my coaching school.

Richard Rohr is a prolific writer and Franciscan priest. Just the title of the book invites readers to ponder that there might be more to life than what we tend to focus: striving to establish our identity. His own words explain:

I am driven to write because after forty years as a Franciscan teacher, working in many settings, religions, countries, and institutions, I find that many, if not most, people and institutions remain stymied in the preoccupations of the first half of life. By that I mean that most people’s concerns remain those of establishing their personal (or superior) identity, creating various boundary markers for themselves, seeking security, and perhaps linking to what seem like significant people or projects.

He goes on to acknowledge that the first half of life work is important and necessary. But he believes this work is merely a “starting gate” or a kind of vehicle like a “raft” that can ultimately help us discover the shore. 

My reaction to such a vision is a compelling sense of interest about what this second half of life holds for me in my own life journey.  I invite you to ponder this possibility for yourself and a good way to start would be to take the time to read his book.  Even if you are still quite young, the perspective of a traveler who is further on the journey might possibly provide a sense of peace about the dramas that play out during our first half of life.

 Every week during 2014 I look forward to sharing books that I am reading.  The lens of the leadership process will be the filter for which I recommend books.  Books are powerful vehicles for providing us with inspiration and new ideas.