Meditation in Business School?

The other day, when I wrote about Margo, I mentioned that she had developed a practice of meditation and this helped her to respond in a more grounded way.  Of course this is stated from a practical point of observation and reading on the subject and not a specific scientific study.  I invite my clients to develop this practice so they have the stamina to stay and stretch as part of the leadership process. However, I am not the only teacher/coach to invite leaders to develop this practice.  This video tells the story of the decision and impact for using meditation in business school. Professor in Entrepreneurial Leadership at INSEAD, Randel S. Carlock says:

Investing just a short amount of time at the beginning of class has been invaluable to my students. The participants feel centred, focused and more open minded. At first, many are sceptical. I hear “teach me about management” an awful lot, especially among the younger students, but afterwards, they tout the benefits.