Open Conversations

Leadership happens in small conversations. Conversations that could take place over the amount of time it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

One type of conversation I wrote about recently was called a reflective conversation. It is for figuring out what to do when you are stuck.  Another type of conversation is an open conversation. The intention behind this conversation is to spur creative thinking in others. You will need to think a bit creatively to get things going. 

Try it out the next time you get together with a work colleague or two; begin by asking, “What are you working on?” 

After listening to what people share, zero in on some specific project they mentioned and ask, “I wonder, what would happen if…?”  Be creative, ask an unexpected question based on something that has been shared.

People appreciate being heard and most people appreciate being able to share their knowledge more deeply.  To see how this plays out watch this Ted Talk to see how asking the right question led to GPS technology.  Notice the speaker’s emphasis on coffee shops.