Are You Feeback Shy?


How do you feel about feedback? The employee on Margo’s team that I wrote about yesterday was not happy to receive feedback in an honest conversation. In fact this employee never accepted that he was doing anything wrong.

Honestly, if you are a little feedback shy, it is ok.  You can decide to overcome the situation. The first step is to recognize that correcting performance on anything is how performance improves. Imagine you were training for a sport, you would expect your coach to give you feedback so you could improve your performance.  Professional performance growth and mastery works the same way.

A report published by Zenger Folkman just this week shares research on feedback. I read an HBR blog post which states:

In a recent study of 51,896 executives, those who ranked at the bottom 10% in asking for feedback (that is to say they asked for feedback less often that fully 90% of their peers) were rated at the 15th percentile in overall leadership effectiveness. On the other hand, leaders who ranked at the top 10% in asking for feedback were rated, on average at the 86th percentile in overall leadership effectiveness. 

The rest of the blog post goes on to explain another research study they did that uncovered that giving honest feedback makes a difference to employee engagement and their takeaway that employees want honest feedback. I believe this fits into the leadership process at the stretch phase. Leading means being on the edge or our growth.  Therefore we are at the edge or our understanding about ourselves and the only way to move forward is to seek input from others.

What do you think?  Do you want honest feedback?  Are you open to asking for feedback?