Leading Sixteen Years from Now

How will we be leading in the year 2030? That question is answered in a book written by Hay Group and a German group of futurists called Z_punkt.

The authors explain a leadership response to six mega trends (that their work identifies and are listed in the above video.) They utilize a new word called the “altrocentric” leader.

They go on to explain that this type of leader is the opposite of the egocentric leader.

"Altrocentric" means focusing on others. Such a leader doesn't put himself (or I would add, herself) at the very center. He (She) knows he (she) needs to listen to other people. He (She) knows he (she) needs to be intellectually curious and emotionally open. He (She) knows that he (she) needs empathy to do the job, not just in order to be a good person.

-          From Washington Post article dated 2-25-2014

As a leadership coach, I wanted to gather this information as a concept worth noting. I'd love to hear your thoughts.