Ten Days till Negotiation - Day 8

What happens when you are in the middle of a process and you don't do what you said you were going to do?  You can analyze it for clues or move on. Both actions can prove to be worthy depending on the situation.  For example, I missed sharing Day 8 with you yesterday.  I am sorry.  In this example it makes the most sense to move on.

Let's look at your goal and what you have done so far.  The original goal was to have the flexibility to work from a coffee shop, from home or even while traveling. The plan was to negotiate this new schedule with your boss.  The steps we've covered so far include:

Day 1 - Know your contribution to the company.

Day 2 - Know the values of the other person.  (In this case, your boss)

Day 3 - Understand the company policy regarding flexible schedules.

Day 4 - Know how you are perceived.

Day 5 - Sketch out a scenario to practice and find a practice partner.

Day 6 - Practice the scenario you sketched out.  Ask yourself if you were balanced in your approach.  Were you realistic but not apologetic or boastful?

Day 7 - Practice again this time using open body language.

Today it is all about coming up with a Plan B. Then practice again using the plan so even if you don't get everything you are seeking, you can achieve more than before you started to negotiate. 

What is ideal for you? What result could be acceptable?