Ten Days till Negotiation - Day 10

Yes!   It is finally day 10.  One more day to practice before you set up an appointment to ask your boss for a flexible schedule.  Do you feel ready? 

Today you will practice a scenario of getting a ‘no’ and asking for an explanation.  Breaking a decision down into parts might offer room for further negotiation.  Say something like:  "I hear you saying ____.  Can you help me understand the thinking? "  Remember the open body language this is where we usually start to feel a bit defensive. 

You have so much control now after this whole process.  Here is a reminder of everything you have done:

Day 1 - Know your contribution to the company.

Day 2 - Know the values of the other person.  (In this case, your boss)

Day 3 - Understand the company policy regarding flexible schedules.

Day 4 - Know how you are perceived.

Day 5 - Sketch out a scenario to practice and find a practice partner.

Day 6 - Practice the scenario you sketched out.  Ask yourself if you were balanced in your approach.  Were you realistic but not apologetic or boastful?

Day 7 - Practice again this time using open body language.

Day 8 - Determine what your Plan B might be.

Day 9 - Practice stopping the conversation & asking for time to consider the options.