Ten Days till Negotiation - Day 4

On day one, you reflected on your contributions to your company.  On day two you gathered insight about your boss.  Yesterday you gathered information about your company policy. 

On Day 4, of this 10 day process to negotiating for a more flexible schedule, consider who influences your boss or the person you will be speaking with about flex time.

Does that person know how valuable you are?  You can't tell them, you must show them through the contributions you make.  It never hurts to be considered an asset by people who are at higher levels of the organization.

The first time I worked in the human resources field, I remember being surprised by how often individual contributors where discussed for possible key assignments.  It may seem like you are anonymous.  Not so, your actions are being analyzed by those who are looking for potential leaders.  Keep in mind that a leader is someone who applies the leadership process to get things done without formal authority. 

Your organization is dynamic.  Leaders are always needed to make things happen.

Are you seen as a potential leader?