52 Books - Book 9

Ideas for new products or services come to your mind often. I think I’ve even heard you suggest a few.  Now is a great time to make a move.    

Businesses know that people are voting with their wallets for companies they want to see succeed and not necessarily for the company with the biggest marketing budget.                      

- Bernadette Jiwa

The four “P” s of the marketing mix: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are stale. They served their purpose since being proposed in 1965 by marketer E. Jerome Mc McCarthy. This pathway to grow market share and the later addition of positioning, is losing its influence as we move to a world of infinite choices due to technology.

Author, Bernadette Jiwa recommends we stop advertising. Advertising is designed to interrupt and most of us look for ways to avoid interruption. The main message of the book is that we can provide a product or a service that creates a difference.

One example Ms. Jiwa writes about comes from the Greek yogurt company Chobani. The difference they made in people’s lives was to provide a product that was thick without added thickeners. The founder took the time necessary to create a unique product and a company that was people-centered not profit-centered.  

This book is relevant and practical for start-ups because we don’t have tons of money to put into marketing and focus groups. That idea you have in your mind is the first step of the leadership process and the one-page method presented allows you to get started.  I urge you to take the time to try the one-page method.  One thing will lead to another and you will be on your way. 

Ms. Jiwa concludes the book with 10 case studies that show real companies or organizations response to the one-page planning method she promotes. The companies include:   Australasian Medical Journal, By The Way Bakery, Moo.com, Sugru, Warby Parker, airbnb, Seamly.co, Charity: Water, Simple.com, and Uber.  Check out these companies and see if you can figure out how they create a difference.

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Every week during 2014 I look forward to sharing books that I am reading.  The lens of the leadership process will be the filter for which I recommend books.  Books are powerful vehicles for providing us with inspiration and new ideas.