Ten Days till Negotiation - Day 5

The next five days of preparing to negotiate are going to involve practice.  You know that part of a training class where the instructor makes us try a new skill.  It is often called role play.

I hate that part. I don’t like it as a trainer or as a participant. However, like it or not, it is the most important part of learning a new skill. Practice builds confidence and helps the words to flow more naturally. 

Here is a video that demonstrates the benefit of practicing negotiation. In this example the person was negotiating salary in a new job. Keep this handy if you decide, based on the outcome of this negotiation, to find a job that has flexibility built into it from the start. 

For today all you need to do is write down the scenario you will use when asking for a flexible schedule.   I will get you started.  Feel free to adapt to what sounds like you.  Remember to keep the language focused on the job rather than your specific needs.

Me:  _____, I’d like to talk to you about my work.

Boss:  What about it?

Me:  I have found that ___, ____, and___ are the most essential aspects of my job.

Boss:  Yes, I would agree.

Me:  I believe I can perform these aspects equally well or perhaps even better working from home or traveling and working at hours that meet the needs of the client.  I am requesting to have a more flexible schedule.

Boss:  So you are asking to be able to work from home?

Me:  Yes   (allow silence)

After you are happy with the beginning part of the scenario, think of a person who can play your boss for the practice you will be doing in the next four days.

Check back tomorrow for more on this process.