Ten Days till Negotiation - Day 6

Are you bored with this planning to negotiate process yet? 

Boredom is what often happens with process. We get excited and then we lose interest. 

We are wired for novelty aren't we?  Complacency shows up when we go about working on longer term skills and goals.

It is possible to get re-inspired. Think about your original reason for wanting a flexible schedule. Then look ahead and think about all the ways you can use negotiation skills. 

Here is a quick reminder of where we are in the process of preparing to negotiate:

Day 1 - Know your contribution to the company.

Day 2 - Know the values of the other person.  (In this case, your boss)

Day 3 - Understand the company policy regarding flexible schedules.

Day 4 - Know how you are perceived.

Day 5 - Sketch out a scenario to practice and find a practice partner.

Today the plan is to practice with the partner you selected and the scenario you sketched out.  Afterward ask yourself if you were balanced in your approach.  Were you realistic but not apologetic or boastful?

I am impressed!  You are sticking with this and the rewards will show up in the future.