Flextime: The Skill to Ask

In Vermont and San Francisco you now have the right to ask for flexible work.  Ah yes, but do you have the skill to ask with diplomatic finesse?

Even with the right to ask, companies do have the right to say no.  Learn more by listening or reading this story published yesterday on NPR.

Can you:

  • articulate your value?
  • include insight from what your boss says s/he values about workplace performance?
  • speak with the authority of knowing your company policy?
  • speak with the confidence of knowing how you are perceived?
  • demonstrate skill because you have practiced?
  • ask with a balanced approach of not being too apologetic or too boastful?
  • demonstrate open body language?
  • negotiate plan b if your first request is not met?

Check out our post Ten Days Till Negotiation to practice and prepare yourself prior to setting up an appointment with your boss.