5 Ways to Be Your Own Superhero

Superheroes are BIG right now. It is time to tap into your own superhero powers.   

1.  X-ray Vision: Instead of seeing through people, use your x-ray vision to see through your current circumstance and imagine a time in the future when you have reached a dream you have for yourself. 

2.  Flight:  Now that you can see through your current circumstance it is time to soar above today’s reality and come down into a specific time in the future to see what it feels like to have achieved your dream. 

3.  Intuition:  You have this power but do you use it?  Every time you make a decision, do you stop and listen to what your intuition tells you about yourself and the situation?

4.  Magnetism:  Now that you have soared through time to experience the future, the future where you have achieved your dream, you can feel that dream as a giant magnet that you created pulling your forward, helping you make daily choices that pull you toward that future. 

5.  Super Hearing:  Use your ability hear as a way to listen to the call your future self is sending out. S/he is saying, you have the power to arrive, and you take steps today that support you. 

Want more? Check out this list of superhero powers and tell me how you can embody them to achieve your dreams.