More on Dreaming

In my last post, I wrote that dreaming and doing are both important to the leadership process.    

Realistically, we can only make progress on our dreams if time is taken each day to think about the dream.  Using our imagination to see ourselves having achieved the dream is fuel for our progress.  

Progress on dreams does not occur in linear fashion.  Results start to happen almost as if by magic. 

Using myself as an example, you will be able to see how this works.  I decided to focus on getting a picture book published.

One piece of the work I am doing to make this happen is to take time each day to imagine a book being in the hands of kids.  I also imagine publishers and agents asking to see more of my work.  In addition I am learning, writing, and seeking feedback from other writers. 

I dream for a living.
— Steven Spielberg


At first glance, you might see Spielberg's quote only working for him, or other people in the creative arts. I think it means making sure that the work you do involves dreaming or imagining the future you hope to see come about. 

As an example, I am collaborating with a business woman who sees herself having an international business.  We talk and she spends time thinking about how her business will look.    

What do you want to see happen? Whatever it is, take time to write it down.  Don't just write it down once, write it down every day.  Describe how you will feel, what you will smell, what you will hear, what you will taste.  Make the dream very vivid. 

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