Enzo Proves that Even Dogs Dream

Take a minute to reflect on your favorite dog book.  I enjoyed  The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. The book stands out since reading it a few years ago. 

Note: The book pictured above is by the same author who writes for younger readers.  

If you haven't read either version of the  book, you haven't yet met Enzo. There are two types of reviews this book receives. They come from:

 1. People who love it.

2. People who do not like the book at all.

Personally I am not a dog lover.  I am not interested in auto racing. Yet, I really appreciated the book.  It offers an unique point of view from a dog who dreams of racing like his owner. Enzo is a dog who offers many philosophical perspectives that can apply to human life. 

One small example from the world of racing is the quote, "The car goes where the eyes go."  

What is your favorite dog book?